Welcome to South JerseyWing Chun Kuen Do. 

Simple, direct, and efficient, Wing Chun Kung Fu has become one of the most popular martial arts due to its emphasis on principle and technique rather than brute force.  By learning to utilize Wing Chun skills, a smaller, weaker person can overcome a larger, stronger opponent.
The system's focus on principle and technique rather than brute force makes is suitable for men and women, young and old, and those of all levels of physical fitness.  Wing Chun Kung Fu promotes a healthy body, mind, and spirit.

At the foundation of Wing Chun are numerous theories, and scientific principles, with techniques that are structurally designed and economic in application.  This scientific approach has resulted in an efficiently effective combat method  useful for real street combat.

The primary objective of WCKD is to fundamentally train and develop effective combat skills and to develop ourselves as human beings.  This objective is accomplished via the curriculum of:

1.  A Complete and comprehensive Study of the System. 
2.  The Study of Martial Arts Philosophy, Physical Science, and Universal Truths.
3.  Practice Breathing, Meditation, and Visualization.


"Although Martial Arts involves armed forces, Chinese Martial Arts is Confucian in spirit.  The Virtue of Martial Arts is benevolence."